ULTRApure E-Liquid

ULTRApure E-Liquid

Due to new regulations for manufacturing e-liquid, Ultra Pure Liquid, LLC will no longer make e-Liquid.

InnoVapor, LLC will continue to sell the e-liquid we have in stock.

Nicotine Information

Nicotine in its standalone form is not regarded as a carcinogen and has not been assigned to an official carcinogen group. Nicotine is toxic and absorption of high concentration nicotine can cause sickness. In extreme high concentration nicotine, absorption can be fatal. Although most commercially available e-liquid concentration is 36mg/ml (3.6% per volume) or less, use caution when handling e-liquid. Avoid ingesting e-liquid and avoid contact with skin. Nicotine increases blood pressure which increases heart rate. Consult your physician before using any e-liquid containing nicotine.


ULTRApure E-Liquid

ULTRApure E-Liquid is made in the USA with 99.7% pure USP grade vegetable glycerin, 99+% pure nicotine, and the purest ingredients available. ULTRApure E-Liquid does not contain candy oils, sugars, or fruit flavorings. ULTRApure E-Liquid is made for tobacco smokers looking for an alternative to their current tobacco product.

ULTRApure E-Liquid is available in 6ml (.2 oz) bottles for sampling pleasure and convenient carrying, 30ml (1 oz) bottles for fast and easy refills, and 120ml (4 oz) bottles for an economical supply of your favorite ULTRApure E-Liquid.

ULTRApure E-Liquid is available in Unflavored for those who want to enjoy the vaping experience without any taste. Regular flavor is the closest there is to replicating the taste of a regular cigarette and Menthol flavor is for those who prefer menthol cigarettes. Rich flavor has a subtle cocoa undertone for a fuller yet very smooth taste. Regular, Menthol, and Rich are available in flavor intensities of Full, Medium, Lite, and UltraLite which are designed to replicate flavor intensities of tobacco cigarettes. Nicotine strengths are available in 36mg/ml, 30mg/ml, 24mg/ml, 18mg/ml, 12mg/ml, and 6mg/ml. All ULTRApure E-Liquids are also available with NO nicotine for those who want to use their electronic cigarette nicotine free.

Flavor Intensities

Regular, Menthol, and Rich ULTRApure E-Liquid is made with a full flavor.
If Full flavor is too intense we offer Medium, Lite, and UltraLite flavor intensities.
To achieve these flavor intensities we add Unflavored to Full flavor.
Medium is 75% Full flavor and 25% Unflavored.
Lite is 50% Full flavor and 50% Unflavored.
UltraLite is 25% Full flavor and 75% Unflavored.
The nicotine strength is not affected by flavor intensity.

Nicotine Strength

The numerical value for nicotine strength is the amount of nicotine per milliliter of liquid.
18mg/ml means there are 18 milligrams of nicotine for each milliliter of liquid.

Nicotine strength can also be indicated by the percentage of nicotine:
36mg/ml = 3.6%
30mg/ml = 3.0%
24mg/ml = 2.4%
18mg/ml = 1.8%
12mg/ml = 1.2%
6mg/ml = 0.6%

ULTRApure E-Liquid is available in increments of 6 because it’s simple math.
You can adjust your nicotine strength to suit your needs with simple math.
You can do it with 36 and 0 or any other combination of nicotine strengths.

Divide the total amount of nicotine by the number of parts. For example:
Add 1 part 36 + 1 part 0. The total is 36 (36 + 0) divided by 2 parts = 18.
Add 1 part 36 + 2 parts 0. The total is 36 (36 + 0 + 0) divided by 3 parts = 12.
Add 2 parts 36 + 1 part 0. The total is 72 (36 + 36 + 0) divided by 3 parts = 24.
Add 1 part 36 + 5 parts 0. The total is 36 (36 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0) divided by 6 parts = 6.
Add 5 parts 36 + 1 part 0. The total is 180 (36 + 36 + 36 + 36 + 36 + 0) divided by 6 parts = 30.

Customize your ULTRApure E-Liquid

Our flavor intensities and nicotine strengths are only a fraction of the possibilities.
You can adjust your flavor intensity and nicotine strength to suit your needs.
You can add Unflavored to any flavor or mix different intensities of various UltraPure E-Liquid flavors for your own custom blend.